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About ikitree


ikitree aims to bring objects that you can cherish. The objects you keep around you and feel comfortable with. Beautifully special, and great to have around. Pleasant in character; proud, yet humble.

Besides bringing lasting products to market, ikitree offers industrial design services. If you’re looking for professional quality industrial design, or support with your product development, check out the industrial design services website.

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about ikitree - Mats Hellman

Mats Hellman


Some designs, just like art, can initiate a moment of joy, awareness, fascination… Achieving such a positive effect with an everyday object is my goal in product design. Or as the Japanese describe it, it’s my ikigai.

I’m both Finnish and Dutch. And, as a child, I spent some years living in Japan. The design languages of these three cultures have an influence on my work.

After education, I spent 15 years working as a product designer at several dutch design firms (Reggs, Scope Design, Alskar Design, Helder innovation and development). This was a great experience working in skilled teams on many different products. It has honed my skills in a valuable way.

After this experience, it’s time to channel my skills and focus on why I started product design. I seek to create beauty in everyday, simple objects. Lasting items that are balanced every aspect of their design. I founded ikitree, time to create objects to be with.

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ikitree sustainability



It’s our mission to make products that stay with you. Objects that you keep. This is vital, as throwawayism is a habit that we need to part with.


That’s also why ikitree objects are repairable by their design. If repair isn’t possible, parts can be replaced.


Awesome materials are the core of our objects. We use materials that will last you a lifetime and will gain in beauty over time. Of course, you can clean them easily. 

Sometimes materials change over time, for example due to corrosion. We take care that our designs cater for this, and then it actually adds character to the object. 

Because of the repairable nature of our designs, when an ikitree product will eventually be disposed of, materials can mostly be separated and reused or recycled. 

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If your product is a light, just use LED. Turn it off when you’re not there. Check out our advice on which light source to use.


Damaged products would be a disappointment, a hassle, and an additional footprint. Therefore, we take great care to design our packaging such that your products arrive in your hands undamaged.

All our packaging designs are as small as we could possibly design. The material we use for packaging is mostly corrugated cardboard that has been recycled and can be recycled again. Please dispose materials separately.

The Makers

Porcelain parts for ikitree products are carefully made by hand by the skillful people at HUSK ceramics. Specialised in slip casting porcelain, besides ikitree products they also make truly beautiful pieces of hand crafted porcelain tableware. 

Find out more on the HUSK ceramics website. (opens in new tab)

the makers of ikitree products